Change the world with the web.

As a charity, you know better than anyone how tough it is doing incredible things on a shoestring budget. But did you know you could drum up even more volunteers and donations through social media, video and other online tools? 

To tell you more, Google has teamed up with Media Trust and Technology Trust to launch Grow Your Charity Online. 

There are stacks of free tools to try, and you could even get extra support from Google Grants. Better still, you don’t need to be a computer whiz to start seeing results. 

How web-wise is your charity?

We’ll create a free report full of ideas your charity can try online. Simply fill out a few details and we’ll email it to you.

Digital health check

See other ways your charity can do more online, with a free tailored report. Just fill out a few quick details and we’ll send it over.


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